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The main goal of this new site is to put the spotlight on the quality of the care and the attention that we offer our patients when they come to us for an intervention. Actually, we do our best to make the patient feels comfident while making his mind. We provide him with all the necessary informations and cares so that the transplant will be a complete success.

On our site we also propose the patients to send us some pictures through the personalized analyse to get back a complete and precise diagnostic from Dr Devroye reguarding the existing solutions and/or the therapeutical possibilities.

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Jean Devroye MD

Dr Jean Devroye has more than 10 years of experience in the field of hair transplants: it has become a real passion for him. He works with a team of 7 assistants and with the best medical material to reach high quality results.

FUE and FUT Quality Surgeries

Extracting the FUT strip or the FUE grafts, cutting the grafts, making the incisions and placing the grafts are the key moments of a successful intervention. Here are all the details on the different techniques.

Modern and pleasant facilities

Our clinic, "Grand Roi", is located in the center of Bruxelles in Belgium, close to the Zaventem international airport and of the TGV (high-speed train) railway station.

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